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Joe Federico

"Joe Fed"
 Drums, percussion, vocals, sound effects
Tools of the Trade
Tama “Starclassic Series” drums , Tama pedals and hardware, Zildjian cymbals
One of Force of Habits’ original founding members in 1981 with “Rockin” Rick Albanese, Ritch Chetnik, Ronnie “Marcs” Marchese and Jim Tosone.
Took hiatus from the band to record original material with various musicians for several studio projects. Returning to the band always felt like coming home again.
Inspiration, Passion
Mark Twain wrote, “I have learned that there lies dormant in the souls of all men, a penchant for some particular musical instrument, and an unsuspecting yearning to play on it…bound to wake up and demand attention someday..."
My mom often spoke of how starting at the age of three, I would pull pots and pans out of the kitchen cabinets, arranging them on the floor around me in meticulous fashion, then proceed to pound the ensemble with wooden spoons, creating a primitive percussive composition of metallic sounds. These were the first expressions of my love of music and my instrument, and it has been nurtured and grown within me ever since. I guess Mark Twain was right! 
Primarily self-taught, my ability to play the drums was not acquired from the comprehension of musical notation, or competence from years of formal training…the major source of my ability has always come from inspiration…inspiration from the artists that engage in the interpretation of music…particularly, the drumming legends, past and present…innovators and masters of my instrument of choice, who have created works containing flashes of brilliance, incorporating timing, rhythm and form.
Since Force of Habit is a cover band, I strive to be true to the genre and hooks of the music we play. Rather than just mimic every song, I prefer to take an approach that forges borrowed, dissected and familiar beats, delivered in a style with my own unique signature. Hopefully, when someone watches and shares my passion of performance, that passion also conveys musical emotion that inspires. If it does, then as a musician, I have succeeded in the rendering of my artistic expression, and can leave the stage satisfied, and in my case, sweaty as well!
Carmine Appice, Barriemore Barlow, Joe Bergamini, John Blackwell, John Bonham, Terry Bozio, Don Brewer, Bill Bruford, Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland, Liberty DeVitto, Aynsley Dunbar, Phil Ehart, Steve Gadd, Alex Van Halen, Gavin Harrison, Keith Moon, Ian Paice, Carl Palmer, Neil Pert, Simon Phillips, Jeff Pocaro, Cozzy Powell, Max Roach, Danny Seraphine, Ringo Starr, Tico Torres, Scott Travis, Bill Ward, John Weathers and every musician I’ve ever been blessed to perform and create musical memories with in my life.
Collectively, all of these influences are the clay that has been sculpted and molded into the form that is my style today.
First Formal Lesson - 1960, age 7.
First Drum Kit - 1961 Slingerland set, black diamond pearl finish. Still love the color, currently using the set for rehearsals.
First Song Ever Played - "Green Onions" - Booker T and the MG’s.
First Band - 1971, "Joema"...the other two " Joe's "in Joema were Joe De Angelis and Joe Conti...the latter later forming "Baby Blue" with John Koromhas...Joe and John inspired me then, and still do now...  
First Public Solo Performance - 1969, "T.N.U.C.", Grand Funk Railroad, high school talent show.
Final Thought
"You’re never too old to rock and roll, and you’re too young to die"
    -Ian Anderson
Joseph Federico