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Rick Albanese

Guitar, vocals, synth, sound effects
It all started for me the first time I laid eyes on the Beatles. I got my first guitar (an acoustic) when I was 12. It wasn’t long after that I moved to electric. I had great fun jamming with all my music friends. The most fun I had was jamming with Joe Fed who I met in high school. I still take credit for discovering him.
For one 4th of July many years ago, I decided to have an outdoor jam and found some old friends including Joe and new friends to jam with. It was the birth of my first and only band Force of Habit more than 25 years ago.
We have gone through many personnel changes over the years but Joe and I are still together and we still have an outside jam every 4th of July. This band and all of its many different members has become more than a continual source of fun and a rejuvenating force for me…it has become part of my life.
Rick Albanese